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Howe and Bassett Company is the area's premier general contractor for plumbing, heating and remodeling.

Our experience dates back to 1885 when our company was founded. Many things have changed since those days but one thing hasn't – the excellence of service and reliability that we provide to our customers. George Eastman trusted us with the Eastman Theater & the George Eastman House, Art Gallery. As you drive down East Avenue, the Park Avenue area, Corn Hill, Browncroft or Maplewood, gaze at the houses we've taken care of for generations. Ask home improvement columnist/expert, Jerry Ludwig of Ludwig & Associates, Rochester Gas & Electric, the Historical Society and the Landmark Society. They will confirm that we are the quality choice for remodeling, plumbing or heating services. Go with the best for your next plumbing, heating or remodeling project.

Here's what you can expect when we arrive at your home...and what not to expect.

We recommend our friends at for beautiful reproductions of old maps od Rochester, New York.

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Welcome to the Howe & Bassett Website where we will try our best to assist you in your upcoming project.

You can see a list of the many services that we offer in the "Our Services" section above. Or you can reveiw the products and manufacturers that we recommend in the "Our Products" section above. If you have a plumbling related question you might want to check our "Ask The Plumber" section for immediate solutions. We will continue to develop this section with your feedback so please email us any questions and we will do our best to answer them as promptly as possible.

We have been serving Rochester area residents for more than a century. As you can imagine, we have encountered every conceivable plumbing related problem. We have a wealth of experience in in residential plumbing repair and we have many options to discuss before you begin a project.

We're problem solvers, holiday savers. exceptional bath builders and much more.
So give us a call at (585) 271-4040.

View Photos of Our Work Here

Jerry Ludwig Offers Advice on Home Improvement

We recommend three area showrooms for plumbing fixtures. VP Supply, Ferguson, Rochester Plumbing Supply

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Crossword PuzzleStephen Howe, owner of Howe & Bassett, writes poems and prose. He also creates original crossword puzzles in his spare time. Choose from the links below.

Stephen Howe, sees the world through the eyes of his son.

Best Lyrics — The first customer to identify all of them (without Google) will be sent a jar of Bio-Clean.

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