If it has anything to do with water, waste or gas, Howe & Bassett does it, including septic and well work.

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Thanks for inviting us into your home to help with a plumbing or heating problem, or to discuss a remodeling project. We realize you have plenty of choices in contractors, most of whom may not explain how they treat you & your home.
First, we promise not to arrive before 8 AM because we realize you may have a family to get off to school or work. When we arrive, we are not going to make much noise. You can expect a courteous, well-groomed technician to greet you with a smile, to listen twice as much as he talks, to solve problems with logic rather than guesswork. You can expect that same technician to be with us next time you call.
We will park in your driveway only with your permission; we will cover our work area, carry out any debris neatly for proper disposal, we will wipe our feet or take our shoes off.
We will, of course, have complete liability & comprehensive insurance coverage. If one of us is injured on your property, it will not affect your homeowner’s policy. Should we accidentally damage your property (it would be the first time!), we want you to know our insurance will cover the 1st $2 million.
We are a responsible contractor. Our professional licenses will be current & the bonded technicians who work in your home will not wander into parts of your home where they have no business being. None of our people will be smoking or chewing tobacco on your property.
We will not use your bathroom without your permission. This, too, we recognize as your personal space. If you should decide to allow the bathroom is okay to use, be assured that we would leave it cleaner than we found it. Moreover, we do not use your hand towels; we have our own. Nor will we use your kitchen or glassware to get a drink of water. We have our beverages, & we will not leave our bottles lying around.
We will plan your job carefully to ensure that if your water, heat or electricity must be interrupted, it will be for the shortest possible time.
Moreover, don’t be concerned about our people using your telephone, we won’t. We will not play music while on the job. We like to work as quietly as possible. If you have small children who need naps during the day, we will be especially sensitive to that. Now, this should not have to be said, but, we have seen it all. We will not use foul language in your home. Even if we drop something heavy on our toes! We make it our policy to treat your family members with the same respect we would expect others to show our family members. Moreover, if you have a family pet, don’t worry, we know about domestic animals. We will be careful as we go to & from our truck.
When we are done working, we will clean up thoroughly & to your satisfaction. We will go over the work & make sure you are happy. We will take all our scrap with us; we will not leave it in your garbage cans. All in all, we are going to treat you with the respect that you deserve while we are working in your home. You, after all, are the customer. Should you have a question, call our support staff. You will not get an answering machine!
Thanks again for considering us. We look forward to serving you in a most professional way.